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Macetero de esparto 35x30

Macetero de mimbre y esparto de 35 cm de diámetro y 30 cm de altura.

Cesta de Junco y Fibra de Maiz Juego de 2

Cesta juego de 2 hechas de forma natural  Hechas con Junco y Fibra de Maiz. Medidas 50X50X40 cms Ideal para ambientes TRopicales 
99,89€ 125,34€

One of the inevitable tasks in the home is washing clothes, and the process begins with the accumulation of each dirty garment. For this, you need a pair of laundry baskets that will help you keep everything in order and better yet, in perfect classification to separate colored clothes from white clothes.

At Zanvic you will find a wide variety of options, from wire baskets to cotton, fiber or jute baskets . The first is very resistant, thanks to it is made of a very strong material, while the rest are ideal alternatives for BOHO environments, you can combine various styles with these baskets.

The uses of the baskets go far beyond serving to deposit dirty clothes. They can also be used to store socks or underwear in the closet. There are so many shapes and sizes that it is possible to find models for almost any need.

For example, if you have a fireplace, you can put baskets near it to store wood or utensils. In the pantry they also play an important role in ordering food.

Search in our extensive catalog for the basket that you like the most, and give it the use you prefer. Another good idea is to place it in the bathroom, and leave towels, soaps and any other accessory type in them.

Or use them as shelves: make an eye-catching decoration in your bedroom or kitchen, or, if you prefer, in the living room. You will only have to put baskets of different colors and sizes , and place them to your liking to create striking combinations.

Finally, you can also use baskets to renew the style of some furniture. If you want to give a shelf a change of air, for example, you will only have to place baskets of various colors to make it look like another.